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Whaddon Grove Farm

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Our Story

We aim to put more into our land than we take from it

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We have always felt strongly about the natural and organic production of food.

With a young family, we are particularly keen to provide our customers with the same certainty and quality that we demand of our own food – a knowledge of exactly where and how our food has been raised and how it has been fed.


We aim to put back more into our land than we take from it. This is the essence of sustainable agriculture and critical if we are to create a sustainable future for British agriculture.

Our animals are healthy and hardy, living a stress and drug-free life outdoors according to the traditional farming seasons. We do everything we can to ensure they have high-quality, natural lives to produce lean and superbly flavoured meat.


We use traditional breeds, reared and finished on natural pastures with minimum intervention and the highest welfare standards. We choose to raise our animals this way because we believe the end-product is a richer, more mature meat with superb tenderness and flavour.

We offer a bespoke meat preparation service, which gives us the flexibility to prepare cuts to your specific cooking requirements. We are more than happy to chat through any queries you have about our farm or meat and offer advice on preparation. We will then deliver the meat prepared to your individual order at a time that suits you.


You won’t find Whaddon Grove meat in any stores or supermarkets. Instead we chose to sell our high quality, tasty produce direct to you and deliver it to your door.

Field at Whaddon Grove Farm with sheep grazing

Our Farm

Historic farming

Whaddon Grove Farm is a small, family-run, organic farm bordered by the River Avon and Semington Brook in the rolling Wiltshire countryside.

The land we farm is made up of permanent pasture and hay meadows with mature hedgerows providing abundant wildlife habitats. Our species-rich pasture allows year-round grazing and helps give our lamb and beef its wonderful flavour.

We aim to manage the farm in a way that not only benefits our sheep and cattle but also supports and encourages the rich variety of flora and fauna that share the land.

Whaddon Grove has been farmed since Roman times. It has a rich history spanning early Roman settlement, an established Anglo-Saxon community at the time of the Domesday book and the original late-medieval manor house. Our sheep and cattle conservation graze the site of the medieval village of Whaddon – a scheduled monument – and we preserve the remains of ‘ridge and furrow’ ploughing.

Ridge & furrow ploughing at Whaddon Grove Farm
Medieval outbuilding at Whaddon Grove Farm

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