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We offer a bespoke meat preparation service, which gives us the flexibility to prepare cuts to your specific cooking requirements.


Our standard meat boxes are as follows:

• Organic lamb,

• Organic beef.


There are various ways which you can buy our meat and we will always aim to provide you with a box which will suit your own specific needs.

Special requirements or need help?

If you are uncertain of how you would like to have your meat butchered and would like to discuss this further before ordering then please feel free to contact Helen.


We have considerable experience in helping customers choose the best cuts of lamb or beef for their individual needs and are only to happy to help you make suitable choices.


We are more than happy to chat through any queries you have about our farm or meat and offer advice on preparation. We will then deliver the meat prepared to your individual order at a time that suits you.

Rich in Omega 3

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Meat from grass-fed animals has been shown to have two to four times more Omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain fed animals. Omega-3s are also believed to lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack and are thought to lower the risk of cancer.

Organic Meat Boxes


Any Questions?

or call Helen Allan at Whaddon Grove Farm:

07732 177525

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