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Conservation Grazers

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Conservation ram grazing in snow at Whaddon Grove Farm


conservation grazers for sale

  • At Whaddon Grove our sheep are used to graze the site of the medievel village of Whaddon - a scheduled monument, controlling invasive weeds and scrub and preventing ivy growth weakening stone walling.

  • Shetland sheep make ideal conservation grazers for SSSIs, nature reserves, scheduled monuments and any other sensitive sites. Browsers rather than grazers by choice they are able to digest and efficiently convert poorer quality and woodier plants, therefore helping to control and remove many weed and invasive species (including ivy, docks and cut nettles) as well as browsing down encroaching scrub, coarse grasses and sedges.

  • Shetlands are a light breed with small hooves and this helps to reduce poaching and damage to the ground and established sward in poor weather.

  • Shetlands are listed on the Approved List of Native Breeds at Risk and qualify under the Traditional Breeds Incentive and related Environmental Stewardship schemes.

  • Shetlands are hardy and self-sufficient – ideal for an extensive, low-labour and low-input management systems, and we can assist you in preparing a management plan that will satisfy organic and conservation standards.

  • Click HERE for more details on Shetland sheep.

  • Please contact us for further details on sheep sales, stock enquiries and further information.

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