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Livestock for sale

Organic Cattle

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Organic cattle grazing in a field at Whaddon Grove Farm


certified organic cattle for sale

  • Organic Devon Ruby Red heifers and stores available at 6 months and upwards.

  • 6-month old stock available from October each year. Older stock available year round. Certified organic and born on holding.

  • Devons are ideal for organic and extensive grass based systems - being renowned for their ability to produce the very finest marbled succulent beef on a low input system. They qualify for various conservation grazing schemes.

  • Please note we do not de-horn. Rubies are docile animals and our experience is that leaving them horned does not present any welfare issues for the maturing animals.

  • Click HERE for more details on Devon Ruby Red cattle (links to Our cattle page)

  • Please contact us for further details on cattle sales, stock enquiries and further information.

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