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Pedigree Shetland Sheep

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Pedigree shetland sheep in long grass at Whaddon Grove Farm


pedigree Shetlands for sale

  • Ideal stock for organic systems, commercial crossing and small-scale farming.

  • Pedigree Shetland ewes, ewe lambs, rams and ram lambs available year-round under the Thorsgill suffix.

  • Stock primarily meat-producing white lines but moorits (brown) and blacks also available. We also occasionally have katmoget and spotted stock.

  • Selected from strong Shetland breeding lines. We selectively breed from stock true to the breed standard but with lambing efficiency, worm and general disease resistance and lamb conformity and growth as pre-requisites.

  • Young-stock all certified organic and born on holding. All stock maintained on organic welfare plan.

  • Click HERE for more details on Shetland sheep.

  • Please contact us for further details on sheep sales, stock enquiries and further information.

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