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Rams For Ewe Lamb X-Tupping

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Rams for ewe lamb x-tupping in a field at Whaddon Grove Farm


Shetland rams for crossing onto large-breed ewe lambs for sale

  • Shetlands make ideal crossing tups. Strong ‘goers’ from their first year and economical grazers year-round they require minimum winter feed (hay during very poor weather). They are ideal for crossing onto ewe lambs of larger breeds to produce a smaller birth size but commercial lamb in order to minimise birthing stress and risk for first time lambers.

  • Our Shetlands tups sold for breeding come from strong ‘meaty’ lines, and a Shetland-X lamb in a good management system and finished on grass should reach maturity by late summer / early autumn (c. 40kg live weight), producing a fine-tasting lean and good-conformity carcass.

  • All tups sold for crossing are certified organic and born on the holding.

  • We will also agree with you and our vets a plan for pre-movement testing and vaccination (as required) and provide full details of all previous testing and vaccinations etc.

  • Click HERE for more details on Shetland sheep.

  • Please contact us for further details on sheep sales, stock enquiries and further information.

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